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My First #PrayerofChristmas

Gracious and Loving God, On this first day of Christmas, we give You thanks and praise for the birth of Jesus– Immanuel! Thank You for being with us! Thank You for coming into this world, a refugee born in a … Continue reading

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Not So Easily Broken: A Week On the Breaking Plantation

There’s something especially cruel, horrific even, about a breaking plantation…as if slavery itself wasn’t cruel enough. You see, breaking plantations are where they sent the slaves who kept trying to run away. On the grounds of this one where I’ve … Continue reading

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Please Stop Silencing Me or A Tale of Two Women Victims

I had planned to post about today being a bonus day on the calendar—February 29th, Leap Day! I’m more excited about it this year than I remember being before. An extra day, extra time to get things done. My prayers have … Continue reading

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Joy Comes

This is a reflection I wrote several years ago. Today, as I think about the loss of beloved family members and friends as well as the many challenges, I am comforted by the promise of joy coming in the morning. “Sing … Continue reading

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Stay on the Wheel

Stay on the Wheel By Rev. Leslie Copeland-Tune Jeremiah 18:1-11 I wrote this reflection in 2010. I decided to share it today, At the Altar, as I remember that God is not through with me yet. I hope it will … Continue reading

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Beside Still Waters, A Restored Soul

Busy. That’s a four-letter word that has become an integral part of my life. There is always something to do and some place to go. In fact, most days my “To-Do” list runs several pages and no sooner than I … Continue reading

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At the Altar

“Bring your all to the altar.” Those are the instructions we are given during corporate worship and prayer services. Indeed, the altar is central to church life. The altar has great significance and meaning for Christians everywhere. The church altar … Continue reading

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