Winter Has Finally Arrived…Darn!

winter SU
I spent my undergraduate years at Syracuse University so when I say I hate cold weather, I really mean it! I’m not being overly dramatic or a weather wuss. I’m speaking out of experience, learned the hard way with snow falling every day for months sometimes, layers upon layers of clothes and Timberland boots (not the cute kind, either). Upperclassmen would tell incoming freshmen that it gets so cold your snot freezes in your nose. Sadly, it wasn’t a lie to make you afraid. It was the harsh truth about temperatures so cold that…well, your snot freezes in your nose.

But, now I live in the Washington, D.C. area on purpose and this winter has been mild, that is, up until now. I mean how can we complain? Above average temperatures straight through the holidays and no polar vortex in sight. What a blessing—at least for those of us who hate cold weather. Honestly, I’ve embraced the warm weather like my own special gift from God and I don’t really want to transition into a winter state of mind.

winterI do realize it is January and it’s supposed to be cold. I recognize that all this warm weather is confirmation—although I didn’t need any—that global climate change is real and we need to do something to change the current trajectory for our own good and for the good of all of God’s creation. My uncle also says that the cold weather purifies the air for us—at least that’s what my cousin told me over Thanksgiving. Got it. Cold weather is good for us. Cold weather is part of the process of the seasons changing, the cycle of life. It helps the environment. It helps the plants and animals. It helps us. Everybody wins, kind of like having a spoonful of cod liver oil daily. It’s hard to take but the benefits far outweigh the momentary disgust at the taste.

Yes. Winter seasons are important. Winter teaches perseverance, ingenuity and steadfastness, if you let it. Winter is a reminder that life is not all sunshine and smooth sailing. We can learn a lot from winter.

I still don’t like it, though.234576B800000578-2838901-Bitter_cold_Commuters_across_the_country_had_to_bundle_up_agains-24_1416335714961

Regardless of how I feel about the cold, it has arrived . I have no choice but to break out the hat, gloves and my cute winter clothes, put on layers and my big coat and trudge through it until spring. In the meantime, I’ll grin and bear it, pray for those who don’t have shelter and try to remember the up sides of the cold, mainly that winter won’t last always. Amen.

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