My Seventh #PrayerofChristmas

swan swimming Geneva cropped

Dear Gracious and Providing God,

Thank You for Your provision. Thank You for clearing a path for us to follow. Thank You for all of the times You made a way out of no way for us and met our needs right in the nick of time. In our dry seasons and seasons of struggle, You have shown us again and again that You are faithful and You can be trusted. Thank You!

We give thanks to You today, O God, for You have done great and marvelous things in our sight! When we look back over this year and think about all that You’ve brought us through; when we consider all that You’ve done for us, when we recognize that we made it and we are still here, our souls shout the highest praise, Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!

Thank You for keeping us. Thank You for watching over us. Thank You for correcting us. Thank You for blessing us day after day after day! Your goodness has filled us when we were empty. Your lovingkindness has overtaken us. Your mercy has flooded our lives. Our cups have run over!

While we don’t know what the next year will bring, we do know that Your record is good with us! Over and over, time and time again, You have shown us that we can count on You. In our midnight hour, You were there. In our celebrations, You were there. When we felt defeated, You were with us. When we felt victorious, You were right there! Thank You, O God, that through good times and bad, through rough and smooth places, through mountains and valleys, You have been with us every step along the way!

We pray for those today for whom this year has been particularly hard. We have lost family members, mentors, friends and we miss them. We grieve these losses, grateful for their lives and all that they deposited in us, and yet sometimes wishing they were still here. When our hearts are heavy and the tears won’t seem to stop flowing, O God, we pray that You would send Your comfort, peace, and joy. Remind us that You know every hair on our heads, every hurt, and every pain. In those moments, remind us of Your care for us and that You are holding us in the palm of Your hand.

We also pray for those for whom despair is at their doorstep. These are times that try our souls and for some, it’s been a lot. God, cover them and keep them in a new way. Saturate their souls with Your love. Lift every burden. Let them experience joy in the midst of sorrow. Forgive us for being absent in each others’ lives when our presence was sorely needed. Help us to edify and uplift one another.

And, for those for whom provision seems afar off, for those who are without proper shelter, for those who do not have enough to eat, for those caught in human trafficking, for those locked in cages and seeking asylum, for those imprisoned and in need of another chance, for those who are addicted and need to be set free, for those who are lonely, for all who need You in their lives in an even more pronounced and profound way, we do pray and lift them up to You, asking that You would move on their behalf.

You are our Shepherd, our Banner, and our Shield. Thank You for hearing our prayers as we wait, knowing Your answers will come.

It is in the matchless Name of Jesus that we do pray and ask these things. Amen.

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