My Fourth #PrayerofChristmas

Sunrise Myrtle Beach 3 cropped

Sunrise in Myrtle Beach, SC, Sept. 2018


Gracious and Sustaining God,

Hallowed is Your name! Thank You for Your peace that kept us through the night and Your loving hand that woke us up this morning. Thank You for the many ways that You show up for us throughout each day. Thank You for the reminders that You care for us and we can count on You to come through, even in our midnight hour.  We declare today that You are GOOD! Holy is Your name!

Today, we come before You lifting up those for whom the midnight seems to be lasting a long, long time. God, we pray that they would be enveloped by Your love. Your word tells us weeping endures for a night but joy comes in the morning. Yet, for so many of Your people, the clock seems to be stuck in the darkest hour of the night.  We pray for their endurance and strength. We pray for there to be a brook in a dry place for them. Let an encouraging word be said to them when they need it the most. Let someone else’s testimony of morning joy, of renewed hope, of peace that passes all understanding, saturate their very souls so that they can know that difficult circumstances are not the end of their story. Help them to run on to see what the end shall be!

Move on our hearts to be the ones to share our testimony with others, especially those for whom morning has come in their situation. Not in condemnation or shame or boastfulness but in humility, recognizing that if it had not been for Your great faithfulness, for Your lovingkindness, and for Your tender mercies, we would still be ensnared in our own mess or trapped by the sinfulness of others. Help us to run on together, as sojourners and co-laborers, to see what the end shall be!

God, we live in a harsh and unforgiving world and far too many of us act the same way. Forgive us. Help us to be light and salt in this world. Help us to let our timelines and social media posts reflect who we say we are in You. Help us to be the ones who edify and uplift, who speak the truth in love and encourage others to do the same. Help us, God, to be the family members, the friends, the co-laborers who we want and expect others to be. Help us to reflect and model You in a world that demeans and degrades the very people You have declared to be fearfully and wonderfully made. Forgive us, O God, and prick our hearts so that we will be better than this.

And, for those who are still waiting for dawn to break through the darkness of the night, we ask that You would be a fortress and a shield. Please keep their minds and guard their hearts as they go through this season, help them to come out of the refiner’s fire like pure gold. Then, O God, wipe off the residue from the process so that they will not be ashamed to testify and tell the world that You are a Way-Maker and a Deliverer, a Sustainer and a Provider, a Keeper, and a Mountain-Mover!

Let it be so.

In the Name of Jesus, the Light of the world, who has broken through the darkness and shall not be overcome by it, we do pray. Amen.

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