My Fifth #PrayerofChristmas

waterfall at retreat center for Grace deacons retreat cropped

On the grounds of Tarrytown (NY) Estates and Conference Center in 2017

Gracious and Redeeming God,

Morning has come and we are grateful. Thank You! Thank You for the blessing of another day and another chance to get it right. Thank You for not counting our faults against us. Thank You for seeing past our issues and shortcomings to see our possibilities and our needs. Thank You for Your redemptive work that is still at work in us.

Fortify us on this day, O God. Grant us Your peace and restore our souls. For so many, this has been a “walking through the valley of the shadow of death” kind of season. Still others have cried out because it seemed like ruin was all around them. Loss has been compounded with loss. The chewing locust and the swarming locust and the crawling locust and the consuming locust seem to be making their way through the lives of Your people. Yet, we can celebrate because Your word says that You will restore all that the locusts have eaten (Joel 1, 2). Restore Your people today, O God!

Let there be new wine and new wineskins. Let there be living water flowing through us. Do a new thing in us and let it spring forth, spilling over into our families, communities, and nation! And, we, Your people who have been redeemed, will be mindful to give You praise, honor, and glory! Bless Your Holy Name!

We pray for those who may be discouraged today. We pray for those who have been waiting and asking You to show up in a particular way, O God. In the hospital, in the nursing home, in their homes, at the bedside of their loved one who is fighting what seems like a losing battle, in the prisons and detention centers, at the funeral home, in the courthouse, on the front lines…in Your great mercy, we ask that You would engulf us with Your presence. Send ministering angels on our behalf.

We are thankful that regardless of our circumstances or the outcome in any situation, You are there. Move on us to show up as well — for our neighbors, for our family members, for our friends. Help us to be present in the hard and uncomfortable places where there are tears and disappointment and struggle. Let us embody Your presence for others in those moments, we pray.

And, God, we ask that You would help us to see beyond our circumstances and have in full view the work that You have laid at our hands. Infuse us with Your power so that we might have Your eyes and ears. Give us insight and wisdom not to be distracted by things that don’t matter. Give us joy. Help us to do our part, to fight the good fight and to press on, without delay, toward the mark of the high calling that is in Christ Jesus!

These things we ask in the Name of the One who gave it all and continues to make intercession on our behalf, Jesus. Amen.




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